My name is Liam Demafelix. I'm a graduate of Information Technology from the University of the East. Currently, I'm a Software Engineer for a company in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

In my spare time, I play (and occasionally feed at) League of Legends. My handle is Hasumin, the nickname of a teacher-turned-murderous-psycopath in one of my favorite manga, Aku no Kyouten. If you're going to look that up, stick with the manga. The live action adaptation was great but it was weird. Extremely weird that it probably won't make sense.

I also dabble in music, being a classically-trained pianist at the age of five. I graduated from music school and played at the Pasig City recital sometime around the year 2003, along with my classmates who dabbled in other crafts like voice and violin. I haven't played professionally since I was eleven years old, but I do casually play when I get the chance.

Older pianos sound better for some reason.

In my spare time, I write open source software and publish them on my GitHub account. My biggest one yet was the most popular Android ROM for the old Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus, downloaded and installed on more than 22,000 devices worldwide, and being the most popular KitKat ROM for the legacy device on XDA with more than 240,000 page views.

You can view the thread here.

I mostly write my code in PHP since I am a Full Stack Developer and my day job uses PHP, but I also write Bash, VB.NET, C# and a little Java. Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate Java, for reasons that deserve its own blog post.

In college I worked as a freelancer on the side, doing web hosting services or custom system development services for small to medium-sized local businesses. To this day, the business is maintained on the side and became its own brand: Remote Servers.

I also made the website design, since I was too cheap to buy one from ThemeForest.

I also became the Technology Officer for New Vantage, an independent publishing platform for explanatory and visual journalism. I run New Vantage with Jhunel Alivarvar, my friend who graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

The front page of the New Vantage website.

I worked with a startup as my second office job (you can read about my experience here. Spoiler alert: it was horrible.) and as a part of my duty as a Full Stack Developer, I was in charge of handling the frontend, backend and infrastructure of the entire startup, as well as overseeing the outsourced development of the mobile app. I left the job due to health concerns last September, and am at my current job as a Software Engineer at the BGC.

As a student leader-turned-mentor, I am one of the founders of Ang Sandigan Sa Silangan, a political party who in its first year won 5 out of 7 seats in the University Student Council of UE Manila and won almost all executive college council seats and supported the independent candidate for the College of Dentistry who won.

The first batch of Ang Sandigan Sa Silangan (2018).

I am currently trying to write a novel, since being a writer is one thing I'd like to explore. It's not turning out too well. I'd like to try out a ton of things before opting to settle for a career in the IT industry.

You can reach me at [email protected] if you have anything you want to ask, talk about or whatever. I'm always online.